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Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

November 14, 2019

Planning a wedding is a huge event, full of some of the best times and the most stressful. Your bridesmaids are there for you throughout the whole process - thick and thin. It’s time to get a little gift for your closest besties and show them how much they truly matter. Make your girls feel special with these 10 great gift ideas. 


How to Choose the Best Bridesmaid Gifts

Actually choosing what gift to get for your bridesmaids comes down to your relationship with them and ultimately your budget. We recommend starting with a budget first and then working from there. There will be a lot of gift giving to help show your appreciation for those that have supported you in your relationship with your soon to be partner and depending on the size of your wedding party, gifts can become a larger than expected expense. Keep in mind that it's ok to splurge if you want, but that ultimately your bridesmaids will be honored just to be included in your wedding. Keep your gift sentimental and meaningful and you can't go wrong. We've provided a few ideas below to help you with your search. 

Personalized necklaces 

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, am I right? Shop around for charming matching necklaces on Etsy or Target. Initialed necklaces, birth stones, simple pendants are all great ideas. Your bridesmaids might even wear these necklaces at the wedding. Either way, it is a sweet gesture they will appreciate. See Personalized Jewelry on Etsy

 Spa Package

After all of the busyness that comes with a wedding, you and your girls need a weekend away. Give them the pampering gift of a spa day or weekend. It will be a wonderful and relaxing experience for all of you. Just think about it: massages, pedicures, and mud baths. Perfect gift. Find Local Spa Deals on Groupon

 Lotions and Skincare

Everyone loves a sweet smelling scent, so why not get an assortment of lotions and creams? Bath & Body Works has great options for scents of all kinds and more. Sweet Pea, Eucalyptus, or Vanilla are favorites. Indulge your best friends with lotions, creams, and perfumes. 

Getaway Weekend

Experiences are often more meaningful than gifts. Take your girls on an unforgettable trip to the beach or the mountains. Enjoy your time together before you get hitched. There is something for everyone here with options for climbing, hiking, relaxing, partying - you name it. Plan this as a simpler, closer-to-home girls weekend sponsored by you, separate from your bachelorette party. 

Flasks or Wine Glasses

For the wine enthusiast, this a great gift. Personalized flasks are wonderful for stowing away a much needed boozy drink. There are plenty of options: bedazzled, plain, initialed, or fun phrases. Booze on the go is always a good time. Check out these Personalized Flasks on Etsy


Matching Pajama Set

Who doesn’t love pajamas? Buy matching pajamas for your bridesmaids in any shade and color. You can all wear your jammies the day of the wedding and for wedding photographs too. It will create some adorable photos, and comfy memories. See Options at The Knot

Wedding Robes 

Robes are also great options if you don’t want to go for matching jammies. You can have their initials written on the backs of each robe, or get a set of pink or blue robes for everyone. It works out wonderfully for bridesmaid photos. Custom Wedding Robes on Etsy

Wine & Chocolates 

Sometime the gift of food trumps all. After a long day, sitting down with a box of chocolates and a glass of wine is all you need. Your bridesmaids will thank you for the sweet (pun intended) gifts. Shop Wine Country Gift Baskets

Other Personalized Gifts 

If you want to opt for something more personal, feel free to buy each bridesmaid their own gift. Sometimes you just can’t buy the same thing for everyone. One might want a robe, another a necklace, and so forth. It’s even sweeter to make each bridesmaid feel specifically special and appreciated. 

Remember, these girls have been with you through the stress of wedding planning. They deserve a little gift for being by your side at all times. Your thoughtful gifts will be cherished.