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What you Should Consider When Looking for a Wedding Photographer

What you Should Consider When Looking for a Wedding Photographer

November 14, 2019

A wedding is a momentous occasion, probably the biggest day of your life, and deserves to be documented for the rest of history. Nothing beats capturing the happy couple in the middle of smooshing cake into each other’s faces or getting a snapshot of the groom’s face as his bride-to-be walks down the aisle. These are the moments you will remember forever and look back on in sweet reverie. Before you even begin to search for a wedding photographer, consider these helpful tips. 

Choose your Wedding Photo Style

Style is everything. I cannot stress this enough. Depending on your ceremony and reception setting, you are going to want a certain style of shots. Romantic? Whimsical? Traditional photography? Will they be great at capturing the small details like the way your wedding rings glisten when you slip them on each other's fingers? Get lost on Pinterest and find the kind of photos you want, and go from there. There is a plethora of wedding photographers out there, and there will surely be someone who knows exactly what you are looking for in terms of perfect wedding photographs.

Ask for Wedding Photo or Video Samples

You are entitled to ask for their past sample work. Most wedding photographers will have a portfolio or an online website of past work, but they should also carry a sample booklet for reference. Check out their wedding skills and see if it’s the right fit for you and your future spouse. Look for specifics like lighting, grouping, coloring, etc. 

Wedding Photographer Personality 

This person is going to be with you on your perfect day (even in those embarrassing moments). Make sure you get the right vibes from your future photographer. If you aren’t happy, don’t do it. Find someone who makes you smile, is comfortable to talk to, and makes an effort to go the extra mile. They will be working closely with you from early morning until night, and into the weeks past your wedding. Find someone you could imagine being friends with in some sort of capacity.

Look for a Wedding Photography & Videography Package Deal

Photographers normally have a system for their personal business. Figure that out before you go all in. Are there additional fees for extended time? Will you receive edited photos - how many? You will often get an edited bunch out of the 1,000 to 2,000 photographs throughout the day. Some of the great ones will even create a lookbook for you. Get those details out in the open before you say yes. 

Decide on a Budget for your Wedding Photos

The big one. What’s the budget for the photographer? Weddings are already a huge extravaganza; do you want to go all out with the wedding photographs or save a little? Either way, set up a possible budget before you start looking. The average cost across the US ranges between $1,000 to $2,000, but the price can jump pretty high depending on your locale and the experience of the photographer. If you need to skimp a little, opt for a shorter time span that they are at your wedding. You can always ask wedding guests to take a few photos themselves, and sometimes those can be the best ones. 

Whatever you decide, remember to keep your desires first on the line. You are number one. Research wedding photographers until you find the perfect fit. You won’t regret it. Those photos will give you some of the best memories, and you will be thrilled that you went through with the decision in the end.