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Ring Care

Removing Dirt from Your Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

1. Create a solution of water and dish soap. You don’t need to buy an expensive jewelry cleaner to shine and polish your tungsten jewelry. A simple mixture of soapy water and a clean cloth are the only items you need to clean this tough, scratch resistant metal. To prepare the soapy water solution:

  • Add a few drops of liquid soap to the bottom of a small bowl.
  • Fill the small bowl with warm water.
  • Mix the soap and water together until bubbles are formed.
  • Whenever you wash your hands, scrub dishes, or lather up your hair, you are also washing your tungsten ring.

 2. Wipe the surface of your jewelry with a damp cloth. Find a clean, soft cloth. Dip the cloth into the soapy water. Wring out the cloth to remove any excess water. Run the damp cloth over the surface of your tungsten jewelry to remove any built up dirt or grime.

  • If your jewelry has any stones, ridges, or engravings, scrub the item with a toothbrush or cotton bud dipped in the solution.
  • Continue to rub and/or scrub the jewelry until it is clean.

 3. Rinse and dry your jewelry. After washing your jewelry with the warm soapy water, rinse the tungsten accessory in water. Set it on a clean towel to air dry. Once dry, put on your jewelry or store it away in a safe place.

  • If you are rinsing your jewelry under a faucet, make sure the drain is closed.
  • You may also pat the jewelry dry.


 Caring for and Protecting Your Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

1. Do not intentionally drop or strike your ring. Tungsten is a strong, durable metal. However, it is not indestructible—it can shatter. Always treat your jewelry with care.

    • Avoid dropping it on purpose.
    • Do not strike your ring with a heavy object, such as a hammer or dumbbell.
    • If you doing something that may lead to the jewelry shattering, such as lifting weights or working on a construction site, take it off.

     2. Limit the jewelry’s contact with harsh cleaning products. While tungsten is a tough metal, it reacts poorly to products such as bleach, ammonia, and chlorine. When tungsten comes into contact with one of these products, the chemicals may blemish the surface of the jewelry.

    • If your tungsten jewelry comes into contact with one of these products, rinse it in a solution of warm soapy water immediately. Once clean, rinse it in fresh water and set it on a towel to air dry.

     3. Limit your use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. Tungsten carbide is a ceramic-like substance; it cannot be bent but if enough pressure is applied it can be cracked. Ultrasonic ring cleaners can cause microscopic fractures in your ring. If you prefer to clean your jewelry with and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, do not leave it in the solution for more than 1 minute.

     4. Store your tungsten jewelry separately. Tungsten is an extremely hard metal. While it is scratch resistant, it is also more likely to scratch and damage jewelry made from softer metals. When storing your tungsten jewelry, place it inside its own soft bag and then put the bag in a safe space.