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Persistence 6mm Blue & Silver Tungsten Ring

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Many of the world’s greatest accomplishments were done by tired and discouraged men who kept working.  A persistent man may feel exhausted or drained, but he never gives up. Whether it’s the grueling basketball training or pursuing the partner of his dreams. He’s a fighter and he works hard to achieve his goals including the shared goals between him and his partner. The 6mm band is brushed silver on the exterior of the ring and the interior is shiny deep blue, which symbolizes the persistence of the wearer. This silver adn blue tungsten wedding band discreetly features a pop of blue on the interior of the ring. 

A Ring Made To Last a Lifetime

  • Crafted of genuine solid tungsten carbide 
  • Custom Made for you 
  • 100% Scratch Proof and Hypoallergenic. 
  • Suitable for Men and Women

Made from 100% Tungsten, One of The Strongest Metals on Earth

Tungsten is one of the hardest metals known to man. It is highly scratch resistant and durable to stand the test of time. Tungsten rings are very affordable but that doesn't mean its any less in quality. Our tungsten rings have been hand selected and manufactured to our high standards to ensure our customers receive high-quality, authentic bands.

The Perfect Ring for Your Active Lifestyle

This ring is perfect for people with an active lifestyle, and is also a great gift for an anniversary, wedding or any special occasion. It represents a strong bond, a promise to be kept, a vow to hold on to. As a circle, it represents infinity or eternity.

Please note: Due to the large volume of orders our company receives, it takes us approximately 1-3 days before we ship your ring. 

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